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Timbertek  specializes in customized hardwood floors engineered floor sanding, staining, refurbishment, repairing and more in Hotels, Schools, Restaurant, Shopping Malls, Villas & More.

Supply & Installation


We provide a wide range of different wooden floors, oak, smoked oak, walnut, wenge, jatoba, douse, zebrano, ash, marbau, and maple.

Our specialized team will install and add different finishes of your choice (UV, Varnishe/Oil, Brushed, Color varnished etc.)

Refurbishment, Sanding & Polishing

Refurbishment, Sanding & Polishing.png

Floor sanding is only the first stage of the wood floor restoration process as it only makes the surface smooth, clean and flat by removing the first damaged layer.

we are 100% dedicated to wood floors using the latest technology in low dust floor sanding machines which are suitable for all types of wood flooring which then transforms your room from being drab and lifeless into a beautiful space to live in.

Replacing & Renovation

Replacing & Renovation.png


We provide a fully renovation of your existing floor, we starts by removing the existing floor and then will apply the plywood and screw it to the concrete, then we will add glue to attach the rubber cork on top of the plywood in order to maintain the noise absorbent,  also, it woks as anti allergenic and resistant to the insects, after that we'll apply the wooden layer of your choice.

Cleaning & Maintenance


the professional care of parquet and hardwood is decisive factor in the protection and maintenance of these valuable floors after they have been finished.


what could be easier than profiting from LOBA's extensive competence in the development of care and maintenance products means that you will find just the right solution for every application.

We apply LOBA Cleaner using scrubbing machine on the existing wooden floor surface, and if there is any light scratch we apply a protection coating to fill in the scratching, as well as protecting your floor.

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